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Concept Phase


When we’re engaged in the early stages of product development, we:


  • Meet with the customer to discuss the product concept

  • Analyze competitive products

  • Discuss available electronic technologies

  • Prioritize product requirements

  • Assess technical risks and limitations

  • Evaluate cost savings and tradeoffs

  • Estimate impact of features on production costs


Industrial Design 


By engaging with an industrial design firm early in the project, we can help optimize the marketability of the product. Often it’s helpful in the early stages of a project to involve an industrial designer to conceptualize:


  • Product features from the end-user point of view

  • Product styling and appearance

  • Ergonomics—optimum placement of controls and displays to optimize user-friendliness


For links to our industrial design firm partners, click here.


Mechanical Engineering 


Many projects have a mechanical engineering component. Silicon Engines has often partnered with mechanical engineers to handle these project tasks: 


  • Custom enclosures to package the electronic modules that Silicon Engines is developing

  • Complex mechanisms to move, handle, or act on the physical environment  


For links to our mechanical enginnering partners,  click here.

Recognizing that the success of a project is critically dependent on the planning and preparation put into the early stages of the project, Silicon Engines takes the time to thoroughly understand your desired outcomes and puts together a flexible plan that considers all the key issues.

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